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Koala's Early Adopter Affiliates

Join Koala's Early Adopter Affiliates and receive a 30% commission on all payments for paying customers you refer to koala.sh.

We offer a 30% lifetime recurring commission on all sales. Our minimum payout is $50. Commissions become payable after 30 days and we do payouts during the first week of the month. The referral cookie is 60 days.

Please keep in mind the following is forbidden:

- Running paid ads on any platform with your affiliate link (for brand keywords or not)
- Self-referrals. You may not refer yourself, your company, or your "coworkers" (if you are a freelancer signing up for accounts on behalf of clients please contact us first)
- The use of any deceptive language when promoting Koala
- Using your affiliate link on coupon sites, doorway pages, or thin sites that do not provide any value

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